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Preconception marijuana use by male partner raises spontaneous abortion risk

Key clinical point: Marijuana use by the male partner was associated with a higher risk of spontaneous abortion among couples trying to conceive.

Major finding: Overall, 269 spontaneous abortions (17.5%) occurred during the study period, and couples where male partners used marijuana one or more times per week had approximately twice the rate of spontaneous abortions, compared with no marijuana use (hazard ratio, 1.99; 95% confidence interval), with no elevated risk for men who used marijuana less than 1 time per week having a slightly elevated, but a not significant higher risk of spontaneous abortion.

Study details: An analysis of spontaneous abortion among 1,535 couples in the PRESTO study where the male partners used or did not use marijuana.

Disclosures: Ms. Harlow reported no relevant conflicts of interest.


Harlow AF et al. ASRM 2019. Abstract O-4.