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Advanced energy systems for laparoscopic gynecology procedures

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Multifunctional technology yields reliable outcomes, enhances patient safety, and increases procedure efficiency


Dr Brill: Probably no surgical instrument defines the gynecologist more than the Kleppinger forceps, the first bipolar device used for tubal ligation. It remains an important part of our armamentarium despite thermal spread, smoke, char, tissue sticking, and inconsistent hemostasis,1-5 shortcomings that have led to the development of newer bipolar electrosurgical devices—the LigaSure Vessel Sealing System, PlasmaKinetic (PK) platform, and ENSEAL®. These energy-based surgical devices offer added functionality—coagulation and cutting in a single instrument—as well as increased efficiency. These instruments offer specific features that appeal to gynecologic surgeons who have different needs and preferences. Ultrasonic energy technology has also advanced significantly, with instruments such as the Harmonic ACE®, which both cuts and coagulates at the point of impact for use in soft-tissue incisions and transections.

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