Physicians should not be coerced into treating lesbian patients


I take strong issue with Dr. O’Hanlan’s opinion that ObGyns should be coerced into supporting and advancing the homosexual agenda as our “duty.” It is inflammatory, misleading, and flat wrong to suggest discrimination on the part of any physician who may hold moral, ethical, or religious convictions that would prohibit him or her from providing certain services, whether it be for lesbians or anyone else. ACOG has taken the correct position. It is the right of any physician to accept or refuse any patient.

The same principle applies to elective abortion. Should I be required to perform abortion if my Christian beliefs are in conflict with that practice? Am I discriminating against the woman, or would I actually be discriminating against the unborn child, who cannot choose to go to another doctor who doesn’t support elective abortions—a child who has no voice?

What care I am comfortable giving to my patients is my choice, no one else’s. We do not need coercion to accept the homosexual agenda that has already been forced onto our schools, government, and other institutions.

It’s a shame that Dr. O’Hanlan does not feel that physicians who may have moral beliefs that prohibit us from providing a service have the right to refuse it, just as she has the right to provide that same service if she chooses.

Jim Haley, MD
Atlanta, Ga

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