Continuous Glucose Monitor

The Food and Drug Administration has approved a device that measures glucose for up to 7 days in people with diabetes. The STS-7 Continuous Glucose Monitoring System includes a subcutaneous, patient-insertable sensor that wirelessly transmits glucose readings to a handheld receiver, providing real-time measurements and trend information. Sensor placement causes minimal discomfort. The sensor must be replaced weekly. For more information, contact DexCom Inc., by calling 858-200-0200 or visiting

Office Diagnostic Lab Analyzer

The Data Pro Plus is a compact, automated benchtop analyzer designed for routine diagnostic laboratory use in physician offices. It has a throughput of up to 230 tests per hour, onboard reagent management, and unlimited storage capacity for patient and control data. For more information, contact Thermo Scientific at 800-588-9115.

Coverlets for Breast-Feeding in Public

Bébé au Lait nursing coverlets are available for women who prefer to cover up when they breast-feed in public. The covers feature a patented rigid neckline that allows mother and child to see each other. They cost $35, are made of European fabrics, and are available at upscale baby and maternity boutiques. For more information, visit

Tissue Expander Helps Healing

The DermaClose RC Continuous External Tissue Expander facilitates the closure of large wounds by expanding the skin surrounding the wound until it can be sutured. The device has 10 skin anchors and a tension controller to prevent overtightening. In most cases, the wound can be sutured within 24 hours, which results in lowering both the costs and risks associated with wound healing. For more information or to order the product, visit

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