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Rehospitalization, Participation 5 Years Post-TBI

J Head Trauma Rehab; ePub 2018 Mar 29; Erler, et al

Rehospitalization in the first 2 years after traumatic brain injury (TBI) is negatively associated with participation at 5 years after injury, a recent study found. Since participation is considered a key indicator of successful TBI rehabilitation, minimizing the need for rehospitalizations and promoting health in the community setting should be a priority of post-acute care for individuals with TBI. Researchers conducted a retrospective data analysis of 1,940 community-dwelling individuals with TBI, aged ≥16 years, utilizing Participation Assessment with recombined Tools-Objective (PART-O). They found:

  • After controlling for demographic and severity factors, a general linear model indicated that rehospitalization status (ie, never rehospitalized during years 1 and 2, rehospitalized either during year 1 or 2, or rehospitalized during both years 1 and 2) predicted less participation at 5 years post-TBI.
  • The PART-O scores were in the hypothesized direction, with the lowest covariate-adjusted mean participation score found for the group with rehospitalizations during both years and the highest covariate-adjusted mean participation score found in the group with no rehospitalizations.

Erler KS, Juengst SB, Whiteneck GG, et al. The association of rehospitalization with participation 5 years after traumatic brain injury. [Published online ahead of print March 29, 2018]. J Head Trauma Rehab. doi:10.1097/HTR.0000000000000386.

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