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Higher Migraine Pain Acceptance & Lower Disability

Headache; ePub 2017 Mar 13; Lillis, Thomas, et al

Higher pain willingness, independent of degree of both migraine severity and overweight, is associated with lower headache-related disability and general pain interference in treatment-seeking women with migraine and overweight/obesity, according to a recent study. In this cross-sectional study, participants seeking weight loss and headache relief in the Women's Health and Migraine trial completed baseline measures of pain acceptance (Chronic Pain Acceptance Questionnaire [CPAQ]), headache-related disability (Headache Impact Test-6), and pain interference (Brief Pain Inventory). Researchers found:

  • On average, participants (n=126; age=38.5 ± 8.2 years; BMI=35.3 ± 6.6 kg/m2) reported 8.4 ± 4.7 migraine days/month and pain intensity of 6.0 ± 1.5 on a 0-10 scale on headache days.
  • After correcting for multiple comparisons, pain willingness was independently associated with both lower headache-related disability and pain interference.
  • Activity engagement was not associated with headache-related disability and pain interference.
  • CPAQ total score was not associated with headache-related disability and pain interference.


Lillis J, Thomas JG, Seng EK, et al. Importance of pain acceptance in relation to headache disability and pain interference in women with migraine and overweight/obesity. [Published online ahead of print March 13, 2017]. Headache. doi:10.1111/head.13058.

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