Literature Review

Changes in Pre-Seizure Interictal Spike Shape Repeated During Post-Seizure Sleep

Data from macroelectrodes suggest correlations in spike shape and synchrony.

Seizure-related changes in the shape of interictal spikes and relative synchrony have been observed just prior to the onset of seizures. When investigators attached scalp and intracranial electrodes to patients being treated for intractable epilepsy, they discovered that these changes were preferentially reactivated during post-seizure slow wave sleep. These findings lend weight to independent research that suggests that the neurologic processes that precipitate disease may be using synaptic plasticity as a physiological mechanism.

Bower MR, Kucewicz MT, St Louis EK, et al. Reactivation of seizure-related changes to interictal spike shape and synchrony during postseizure sleep in patients. Epilepsia. 2017;58(1):94-104.


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