Literature Review

Older, Poorer Patients With Epilepsy Less Likely to Take their Medication

Researchers also found that minority patients were less adherent.


Approximately one-third of older adults with epilepsy do not adhere very well to their antiepileptic drug regimen, with older minority patients even less compliant. That’s the conclusion reached by researchers who analyzed Medicare claims from 2008 to 2010, using a 5% random sample of beneficiaries and augmenting it with minority patients. Piper et al looked at 36,912 cases of epilepsy and found 31.8% were nonadherent; that included 24.1% of whites and 34.3% of African Americans. They also found that Medicare beneficiaries who lived in high poverty areas were more likely to be noncompliant.

Piper K, Richman J, Faught E, at al. Adherence to antiepileptic drugs among diverse older Americans on Part D Medicare. Epilepsy Behav. 2017;66:68-73.

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