Literature Review

Self-Management Programs May Prove Valuable for Patients With Epilepsy with Intellectual Disabilities

A review of 5 studies suggests that such interventions may reduce seizure frequency and improve quality of life.


Patients with epilepsy who also have intellectual disabilities seem to fare better when they adhere to a self-management program suggests this pilot study. Since individuals with intellectual disabilities are 20 times more likely to have epilepsy, researchers wanted to determine if a self-management program could make a difference. Their review of pilot and randomized controlled feasibility studies suggests that patients find this type of intervention acceptable and that the programs improve seizure frequency and may improve their quality of life. Although their analysis highlights the potential for self-management programs, the investigators are currently conducting a randomized controlled trial to obtain more definitive results.

Dannenberg M, Mengoni SE, Gates B, Durand M. Self-management interventions for epilepsy in people with intellectual disabilities: A scoping review. Seizure. 2016;41:16-25.

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