Literature Review

Using MRIs to Separate Rasmussen Encephalitis from Epilepsy

Quantitative volumetric MR imaging may set apart the syndrome from other disorders.


To help distinguish patients with Rasmussen encephalitis from patients with epilepsy not suffering from the syndrome, researchers performed quantitative volumetric MR imaging on 42 patients with Rasmussen syndrome and compared the readings to MRIs performed on 42 controls and 42 unaffected patients with epilepsy. Their analysis found that interhemispheric and frontal lobe ratios were the most effective way to differentiate Rasmussen encephalitis from the other 2 groups. They also found that the insula of Rasmussen encephalitis patients was significantly more atrophic, when compared with other cortical regions of the brain.

Wang Z, Krishnan B, Shattuck DW, et al. Automated MRI volumetric analysis in patients with Rasmussen syndrome [published online ahead of print September 8, 2016]. AJNR Am. J. Neuroradiol. 2016.

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