Literature Review

Gene Variants Linked to Posttraumatic Seizures

Single nucleotide polymorphisms in glutamate transporter genes have been associated with traumatic brain injury.



To determine if genetic variation influences the susceptibility to traumatic brain injury and the subsequent posttraumatic seizures, Anne Ritter and her associates from the University of Pittsburgh analyzed the relationship between posttraumatic seizures and single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs). Thirty two SNPs were evaluated within SLC1A1 and SLC1A6, which are protein coding genes for glutamate transporters. (Glutamate transporters control glutamate levels and excitatory neurotransmission and have been associated with traumatic brain injury.) The analysis found that among 253 individuals, 49 had experienced posttraumatic seizures. Within this smaller group, they found genotypes at SNP rs10974620 (SLC1A1) linked to the time to the first seizure during a three year follow-up. And after factoring in several confounding variables, rs10974620 remained statistically significant (P = .017).

Rittner AC, Kammerer CM, Brooks MM, Conley YP, Wagner AM. Genetic variation in neuronal glutamate transport genes and associations with posttraumatic seizure. Epilepsia. 2016;57(6):984-993.

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