Literature Review

Severe Insomnia Linked to Epilepsy and Poor Quality of Life

Nearly half of patients with epilepsy may suffer from insomnia according to a recent survey.


Among 207 patients with epilepsy, 43% reported clinically significant insomnia, while 51% had at least mild insomnia according to investigators from the University of Virginia. Their results, derived from an Insomnia Severity Index survey, also found that younger patients, those with a shorter duration of epilepsy, and patients taking sedatives or hypnotics, reported more severe insomnia. Similarly, patients with delayed sleep timing and depression were more likely to experience more severe insomnia. However, even after researchers factored out these covariates, they found that more severe insomnia was significantly associated with seizures and poorer quality of life.

Quigg M, Gharai S, Ruland J, et al. Insomnia in epilepsy is associated with continuing seizures and worse quality of life. Epilepsy Res. 2016;122:91-96.

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