Literature Review

Does Invasive EEG Monitoring Affect Cognitive Outcomes Following Left TLR?

Important information when counseling patients regarding cognitive risks of invasive EEG monitoring



Researchers examined records of 176 patients (45 with and 131 without invasive EEG) who underwent left temporal lobe resection (TLR) at Cleveland Clinic. There were no clinically meaningful changes in naming performance or verbal memory. Patients with invasive monitoring showed greater declines in working memory, which were no longer apparent using reliable change indices to define change. Overall results suggest that invasive EEG monitoring prior to left TLR is not associated with greater cognitive morbidity.

Busch RM, Love TE, Jehi LE, et al. Effect of invasive EEG monitoring on cognitive outcome after left temporal lobe epilepsy surgery. Neurology. 2015;85(17):1475-1481.

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