Literature Review

Does Engagement in an Online Patient Community Improved Epilepsy Management?

A study in US veterans who enrolled an internet-based community



Researchers discovered that engagement in an online patient community significantly improved both self-management and self-efficacy in those with epilepsy. The results are based on a survey of 249 eligible participants of whom 92 completed surveys on self-management and self-efficacy. After 6 weeks in the online patient community:

  • Epilepsy self-management scores improved from 139.7 to 142.7
  • Epilepsy self-efficacy scores improved from 244.2 to 254.4.

Completers of the surveys were more likely to login to the community, post to forums, leave profile comments and send private messages. Patients with chronic conditions, such as epilepsy, should be encouraged to participate in internet-based communities.

Hixson JD, Barnes D, Parko K, et al. Patients optimizing epilepsy management via an online community. Neurology. 2015; 85(2):129-136

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