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Multiple traits more common in difficult-to-treat patients with migraine

Key clinical point: Patients who respond insufficiently to migraine treatment are more medically complex.

Major finding: Compared with patients who respond well to treatment, they are more likely to have four or more migraine headache days per month (46% vs. 31%), rebound or medication-overuse headaches (16% vs. 7%) and chronic migraine (12% vs. 5%, all P < .05).

Study details: Retrospective analysis of 2014 cross-sectional survey data (583 patients with migraine; 34% defined as insufficient responders).

Disclosures: No study funding was reported. Four study authors reported ties with Eli Lilly, and two reported employment by Adelphi Real World, which provided the survey results.


Lombard L et al. Headache. 2020;60(7):1325-39. doi: 10.1111/head.13835.