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Missed Potentials in Management of Patients With Migraine

Many patients with migraine do not receive optimal therapy, while adherence to national and international guidelines may improve outcomes in this population, a new study found. Researchers collected data of migraine patients presenting to an out-patient clinic via standardized questionnaires regarding headache, diagnostics, and experience with previous treatments. The efficacy of treatment was also assessed. Among the findings:

  • 1,935 patients with migraine were included between 2010 - 2018.
  • In the 12 months before consultation, 89.5% of the patients had consulted a general practitioner and 74.9% had consulted a neurologist because of their migraine.
  • Half of the patients underwent unnecessary diagnostics and 34.2% had not been treated according to evidence-based treatment guidelines.
  • Of 1,031 patients who had not been prescribed a preventative treatment, 627 (60.8%) had in average ≥3 migraine attacks per month and thus qualified for a preventative treatment.


Ziegeler C, et al. Shortcomings and missed potentials in the management of migraine patients – experiences from a specialized tertiary care center. [Published online ahead of print August 1, 2019]. J Headache Pain. doi: 10.1186/s10194-019-1034-8.