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Integrative CBT Program for Adults With Migraine

A novel cognitive behavioral therapy program (CBT) for adults with migraine that combined different approaches of behavioral therapy into a single program was well received and shows promise, according to a new study. The single program combined relaxation therapy, CBT, and trigger management. The treatment program consists of 7 sessions, including psychoeducation, lifestyle counseling, coping with fear of attacks, trigger management, and stress management. The single-group study included 9 completers. After each of the group therapy sessions, evaluation questionnaires were filled out, and individual qualitative interviews were conducted after program completion. Among the findings:

  • The treatment program was well accepted.
  • Every session was rated as comprehensible, and overall satisfaction with the sessions was high.
  • Participants appreciated having access to a specific treatment, exclusively addressing migraine.


Klan T, Liesering-Latta E, Gaul, C, et al. An integrative cognitive behavioral therapy program for adults with migraine: A feasibility study. [Published online ahead of print April 10, 2019]. Headache. doi:10.1111/head.13532.