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Hypocalcemia and Vitamin D Deficiency in Migraine Patients

There is a significant association between hypocalcemia and vitamin D deficiency with migraine attacks and induced loss of function among patients with migraine, a new study found. Researchers conducted a population-based, retrospective, cross-sectional analysis of the Nationwide Inpatient Sample (NIS) in migraine hospitalizations. They found:

  • Between 2003 - 2014, of the total 446,446 migraine hospitalizations, 1,226 (0.27%) and 2,582 (0.58%) presented with hypocalcemia and vitamin D deficiency, respectively.
  • In multivariable analysis, hypocalcemia and vitamin D deficiency were associated with elevated odds of extreme loss of function.
  • There was a higher prevalence and higher odds of migraine among vitamin D deficiency patients vs patients with hypocalcemia and no deficiency, respectively.


Patel U, et al. Hypocalcemia and vitamin D deficiency amongst migraine patients: A nationwide retrospective study. [Published online ahead of print July 25, 2019]. Medicina (Kaunas). doi: 10.3390/medicina55080407.