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Fluctuations of Sensorimotor Processing in Migraine

Increased preictal baseline beta activity may reflect a decrease in preactivation in the sensorimotor cortex in patients with migraine, a new study found. Researchers recorded EEG of 41 patients with migraine and 31 healthy controls. Each underwent 3 EEG recordings of 3 different days with classification of each EEG recording according to the actual migraine phase. Participants performed 1 motor and 1 sensorimotor task with the flexion-extension movement of the right wrist during each recording. Among the findings:

  • Patients with migraine had significantly increased beta event related desynchronization (beta-ERD) and higher baseline beta power at the contralateral C3 electrode overlying the primary sensorimotor cortex in the preictal phase vs the interictal phase.
  • No significant differences were found in beta-ERD or baseline beta power between interictal migraineurs and controls.


Mykland MS, et al. Fluctuations of sensorimotor processing in migraine: A controlled longitudinal study of beta event related desynchronization. [Published online ahead of print July 9, 2019]. J Headache Pain. doi: 10.1186/s10194-019-1026-8.