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Arterial Calcification in Persons with Migraine

Compared to persons without migraine, those with migraine had less arterial calcification in the intracranial carotid artery, but not in other arterial beds, a new study found. 1,856 participants (mean age 67.4 years) from the population-based Rotterdam Study cohort were included in the study. Migraine was assessed by validated questionnaire and vascular calcification was assessed by computed tomography. Researchers found:

  • 279 (15%) participants were identified as persons with lifetime migraine.
  • Migraine was associated with smaller intracranial carotid artery calcification volume, in multivariable adjusted models.
  • Participants with migraine also demonstrated a lower calcification burden in the remaining arterial beds; however, these association did not reach statistical significance.


Wen K, Ikram MA, Franco OH, et al. Association of migraine with calcification in major vessel beds: The Rotterdam Study. [Published online ahead of print April 8, 2019]. Cephalalgia. doi:10.1177/0333102419843148.