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High Infantile Spasm Risk Should Contraindicate Sodium Channel Blocker Antiepileptics

Key clinical point: Avoid voltage-gated sodium channel blockers in infants, especially those at high risk for infantile spasms.

Major finding: Voltage-gated sodium channel blockers increase the risk of spasms sevenfold in children with Down syndrome, tuberous sclerosis complex, hypoxic-ischemic encephalopathy, and other nonsyndromic epilepsy conditions with infantile spasms.

Study details: Case-control study of 100 infants with seizures.

Disclosures: The work was funded by the Elsie and Isaac Fogelman Endowment, the Hughes Family Foundation, and the UCLA Children’s Discovery and Innovation Institute. The investigators did not have any relevant disclosures.

Source: Heesch J et al. AES 2019. Abstract 2.234.