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First Autoimmune Epilepsy RCT Supports IVIG Therapy

Key clinical point: There is now evidence that intravenous immunoglobulin (IVIG) is a good treatment option for patients with autoimmune epilepsy; insurance coverage may follow.

Major finding: Six of eight people (75%) with leucine-rich, glioma-inactivated-1 antibody‚Äďassociated epilepsy had at least a 50% reduction in seizure frequency with IVIG, versus none of six randomized to placebo.

Study details: Controlled clinical trial involving 17 patients.

Disclosures: The work was funded by companies that sell IVIG and IVIG home infusion equipment. The study lead disclosed research support from the IVIG maker, and another investigator is a consultant for the company.


Dubey D et al. AES 2019, Abstract 1.292.