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Neighborhoods, Sleep Quality, and Cognitive Decline

Alzheimers Dement; ePub 2018 Feb 3; Hunter, et al

Sleep and neighborhood socioeconomic status (NSES) were associated with cognitive decline, according to a recent study, and the association between sleep and cognition appeared stronger among those with low NSES. Furthermore, the association between low NSES, poor sleep quality, and cognitive decline was roughly equivalent to the association between apolipoprotein E ε4 and cognitive decline. Health and Retirement Study participants (n=8,090), aged ≥65 years, with DNA and multiple biennial cognitive observations, were included. Participants were grouped into quartiles of NSES and sleep quality scores. Researchers adjusted for apolipoprotein E ε4, demographic, and cardiovascular risk factors. They found:

  • NSES and sleep were significantly associated with cognitive decline, and there was a significant interaction between them.
  • Significant differences between high/low NSES and high/low sleep quality were found.


Hunter JC, Handing EP, Casanova R, et al. Neighborhoods, sleep quality, and cognitive decline: Does where you live and how well you sleep matter? [Published online ahead of print February 3, 2018]. Alzheimers Dement. doi:10.1016/j.jalz.2017.10.007.