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Summaries of Must-Read Clinical Literature, Guidelines, and FDA Actions

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Must reads for theWeek ending August 9, 2015

Relapse Recovery in MS, Associations with developing progressive disease

Employment of Patients With MS, Linking lesions with employment status

Cognitive Dysfunction in Long-Standing MS, Which imaging markers are best predictors?

Incidence and Prevalence of MS in British Columbia, Studying patterns over 18 years

High Resolution MRI at 7T , Does it improve visualization?

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Must reads for theWeek ending August 2, 2015

Dysport New Indication, Now available for upper limb spasticity

Managing Epilepsy Online, Does it increase self-management and self-efficacy?

Aging and Amyloidosis, Elucidating the role of Aβ42

Lewy Bodies in Alzheimer Disease, How do they affect mortality and dementia?

Causes of Death in MS, Studying the effects of sex, age, and disability

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Must reads for theWeek ending July 19, 2015

Link Between RLS and Cardiovascular Disease?, Kaiser study examines primary and secondary RLS

Diabetes Drug May Prevent Dementia, Prospective cohort study found drug reduced risk

Depression and Parkinson Disease: Risk Factor or Early Symptom?, Sibling study examines link between depression and PD

FDA Approves Perampanel for Tonic-Clonic Seizures, Epilepsy drug previously approved for partial-onset seizures

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Must reads for theWeek ending July 5, 2015

Adding Acute Therapies to Triptan in Migraine, Results vary by episodic frequency

Sleep Disorder as a Precursor to Parkinson, Meta-analysis examines often-violent sleep behavior

Device Approval: Brio Neurostimulation System , Implantable DBS device for essential tremor and Parkinson disease

ALS Risk and Cardiovascular Health, Could diabetes protect against ALS?

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Must reads for theWeek ending June 28, 2015

Does Sleep Impact Memory? , Large study reviews pictorial memory and sleep patterns

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