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Must reads for theWeek ending November 1, 2015

Mild Traumatic Brain Injury and PTSD, Does it have prognostic value?

Brivaracetam and Partial-Onset Seizures, Studying efficacy and tolerance

PTSD in Patients With Migraine, Assessing the impact

Sleep Apnea and Cardiovascular Surgery, Does it affect outcomes?

Imaging Assessments vs Outcomes in Stroke, Evaluating mismatch profiles

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Must reads for theWeek ending October 25, 2015

Oligoclonal Bands and Multiple Sclerosis, Assessing their significance in patients with CIS

Cladribine in Multiple Sclerosis, Does it confer cancer risk?

MOG-Ab in Inflammatory Demyelinating Disease, Evaluating its utility as biomarker

Vitamin D and Multiple Sclerosis, Studying associations with regulatory variants

Statins in RRMS Therapy, Is there benefit to their addition?

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Must reads for theWeek ending October 18, 2015

Vitamin D-related Factors in MS, Studying the effects in Denmark

Brain Atrophy in MS, Observing changes over time

Total Sodium Concentration in MS Brains, Does it indicate severity?

Natalizumab in RRMS, Researching lymphocytosis as an efficacy biomarker

Depression in MS, Correlating differences with limbic system functions

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Must reads for theWeek ending October 11, 2015

Pixantrone in Active Multiple Sclerosis, After immunomodulatory therapy fails

SNPs Associated With Interferon Beta Response, Which may have predictive value?

BMI and Interferon Beta Response, Associating mass with disease status

Vitamin D and Immunomodulatory Therapies, Studying effects on inflammation markers

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Must reads for theWeek ending October 4, 2015

2D:4D Ratio as Predictor of MS Status, Assessing the associations

MS Lesion Formation, Weekly MRIs show their evolution

Smoking Cessation in Prevalent MS, How does it affect prognosis?

Interferon Therapy in SPMS, Analyzing its efficacy

Disability Progression in MS, Is response to cytomegalovirus a positive factor?

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