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Summaries of Must-Read Clinical Literature, Guidelines, and FDA Actions

Must Reads by Date

Must reads for theWeek ending January 10, 2016

White and Gray Matter Damage in PPMS, Assessing the role of lesions

Cognitive Focus in Relapsing-Remitting MS, Associating perceptions with acceptance

Seizures in Multiple Sclerosis, Studying associations with lesions and GABA

CD59 Levels in Neuromyelitis Optica and Multiple Sclerosis, Compared with noninflammatory neurological disorders

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Must reads for theWeek ending January 3, 2016

Quantitative MRI in Cortical Pathology, Studying gray matter lesions vs normal gray matter

Fatigue and Motor Control in MS, Assessing the effects of stimulation

Children of a Parent With MS, Evaluating their vulnerabilities

Gene Mutations in Focal Epilepsy, Identifying causative genes

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Must reads for theWeek ending December 27, 2015

The Pathogenesis of Lacunar Stroke, Assessing associations in subtypes

Predicting Progression from MCI to AD, Markers in plasma and CSF hold predictive value

Surgical Exposure and Dementia, Is it a risk factor?

Depression in MS Patients, Evaluating prevalence of therapy

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Must reads for theWeek ending December 20, 2015

Axonal Loss in Optic Neuritis, Studying damage to the RNFL and GCC

Comorbidities in Myasthenia Gravis, Identifying the most common associations

Rituximab Therapy in MS and NMO, Assessing safety and efficacy over 50 patient years

AQP4 Antibodies in Lupus, Assessing their effect on neuromyelitis optica spectrum disorders

Fingolimod in Multiple Sclerosis, Evaluating changes in lymphocyte subset distribution

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Must reads for theWeek ending December 13, 2015

Fingolimod as Second-line Therapy in RRMS, Comparing it with a second iDMT

MOG and AQP4 Antibodies in Neuromyelitis Optica, Studying their associations in children

Fingolimod in Relapsing Multiple Sclerosis, Comparing it with placebo

Genetic Factors in Multiple Sclerosis, How do they affect IFNβ response?

Disease-Modifying Drugs in RRMS, Associations with disability progression

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