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Must reads for theWeek ending June 5, 2016

Narcolepsy Linked with Medical Comorbidities, Sleep Med; ePub 2016 May 12; Black, Reaven, et al

Prehospital Care Pain Assessment Suboptimal, Prehosp Emerg Care; ePub 2016 May 19; Blackman, et al

Stroke Hospitalizations Fall for Specific Groups, J Am Heart Assoc; ePub 2016 May 11; Ramirez, et al

Dietary Nutrients Linked to Improved Cognition, Ann Neurol; ePub 2016 May 11; Gu, Vorburger, et al

Tremor, Imbalance Linked to Less Physical Activity, J Neurol Sci; ePub 2016 May 17; Louis, Collins, et al

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Must reads for theWeek ending May 29, 2016

Environmental Toxins Associated with ALS, JAMA Neurol; ePub 2016 May 9; Su, et al

Adiponectin Levels Linked with Cognitive Outcomes, J Alzheimers Dis; ePub 2016 May 4; Wennberg, et al

Epilepsy Surgery Linked with Mortality Reduction, Neurology; ePub 2016 Apr 27; Sperling, et al

Chronic Migraine Consultation Barriers Evaluated, Headache; ePub 2016 May 3; Dodick, Loder, et al

PD Gait Changes Linked to Cortical Thinning, J Parkinsons Dis; ePub 2016 May 5; Herb, et al

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Must reads for theWeek ending May 22, 2016

Retinal Injuries Occur in Early Stages of MS, J Neurol; ePub 2016 May 3; Balk, et al

List Sign Use Can Predict Demyelinating Disease, CNS Spectr; ePub 2016 May 3; Anbarasan, et al

CSF Pulsatility, IJV-CSA Differ in MS Patients, PLoS One; ePub 2016 May 2; Beggs, et al

Psychological Intervention May Aid MS Symptoms , J Int Neuropsychol Soc; ePub 2016 May 6; Roy, et al

Disability Not Related to Fatigue Level in MS, Int J MS Care; 2016 Mar-Apr; Garg, Bush, et al

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Must reads for theWeek ending May 15, 2016

Rosacea Patients Have Increased Risk of Dementia, Ann Neurol; ePub 2016 Apr 28; Egeberg, et al

Obstructive Sleep Apnea Can Increase Stroke Risk, J Neurosci Nurs; 2016 Jun; King, Cuellar

Physical Deterioration, Cognitive Decline Linked , J Am Geriatr Soc; ePub 2016 Apr 30; Fabbri, An, et al

Parkinson Disease Subtypes Illustrate Instability, Parkinsonism Relat Disord; ePub 2016 Apr 23; Simuni, et al

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Can Aid Sleep, Psychosom Med; ePub 2016 Apr 29; Fung, et al

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Must reads for theWeek ending May 8, 2016

Majority of MS Patients Considering Diet Changes, Mult Scler Relat Disord; ePub 2016 Apr 28; Brenton

Social Provisions Scale for MS Patients Validated, Rehabil Psychol; ePub 2016 Apr 18; Chiu, et al

Distinguishing Genetic Susceptibility in MS , BMC Neurol; ePub 2016 Apr 27; Goodin

WMTI Metrics Complement Standard Diffusion Metrics, J Neurol; ePub 2016 Apr 19; de Kouchkovsky, et al

tDCS Protocol Proves Safe for MS Management, Neuromodulation; ePub 2016 Apr 18; Kasschau, et al

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