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'Silent Hypoxemia' and Other Curious Clinical Observations in COVID-19

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Unfortunately, imaging studies are something we haven't been able to rely on too much for diagnosis. Part of that is to maintain hospital safety, because to take a patient to CT scan, you have to consider the turnaround time for cleaning the CT scanner and the exposure of additional staff to a possibly infected patient. Some of those logistical considerations have limited the availability of radiography.

Gary S. Ferenchick, MD, MS, is a family physician and professor in the Department of Medicine at Michigan State University in East Lansing, Michigan. His daughter, Hannah R.B. Ferenchick, MD, is an assistant professor in the Department of Emergency Medicine, Division of Pulmonary & Critical Care and Sleep Medicine, at Wayne State University, Detroit, Michigan, and a medical intensivist and emergency medicine physician at Detroit Medical Center.


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