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Love hormone plein air, posh preused Kleenex, and dieting plague vectors


Paint me like one of your French girls

If you’re trying to think of a fun Valentine’s activity, look no further than paint night! Normally associated with a ladies night out (and heavy on the wine), a recent study found that painting releases high levels of the “love hormone”, a.k.a. oxytocin, in men.


Researchers compared the levels of oxytocin with partners painting and partners playing board games, and were surprised by the results: While all the couples released oxytocin during these activities, men in paint class had the highest levels – twice as much as any other group.

Feel free to cite this study next time your man complains about being dragged to a paint-and-sip. Painting partners also experienced more touching than the gaming group (unless you count throwing Monopoly pieces at your significant other as touching).

You won’t get me sick, I’ll get me sick!

There are certain items that, after being used once, you really wouldn’t want to reuse. A snotty, mucus-filled tissue is pretty high up on that list ... or so you would hope. But that’s not thinking with real American entrepreneurial spirit! Welcome to Vaev Tissue, a startup based in Los Angeles that sells used tissues containing germs from a sick person for the bargain price of $79.99.


Yes, you read that correctly. They sell an $80 used tissue. The purpose, according to Vaev’s mission statement, is “to get sick on your own terms,” as “using a tissue that carries a human sneeze is safer than needles or pills.”

As you might expect, the tissues are popular with young parents and adults who are “critical” of vaccines. Who else could hear advice from actual doctors who told Time magazine that “there is nothing positive that can come from this, only things that are adverse,” or that the tissues are an “incredible liability,” and continue on, regardless?

And if you’re thinking, “If these people want to get sick, why not just have someone sneeze on them?” Don’t be ridiculous. Focus testers responded highly negatively to simply being handed a dirty tissue. The premium packaging and high price tag are a necessity.

Our advice? Well, as tempting as all this sounds, we think we’ll stick with washing our hands and not sticking used tissues in our faces. You know, like reasonable people.


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