Clinical Inquiries

What medical therapies work for gastroparesis?

EVIDENCE-BASED ANSWER: It’s unclear if there are any highly effective medications for gastroparesis (TABLE1-10). Metoclopramide...

Photo Rounds

Chronic diarrhea in a 64-year-old woman

Our patient presented with abdominal pain and worsening diarrhea. She had no significant medical history, but imaging studies helped us make the...


Applied Evidence

Obesity: When to consider surgery

Bariatric surgery is underutilized despite an obesity epidemic. Here, 3 patients pursue a surgical option when they can't reach their target...


First-time, mild diverticulitis: Antibiotics or watchful waiting?

Don't jump to antibiotic Tx for mild, uncomplicated diverticulitis, a recent RCT says. Observation may be just as effective.

Applied Evidence

How best to manage chronic cholestasis

Here's how to maximize your use of lab work and imaging techniques to identify the source of your patient's cholestasis and provide prompt...