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Antibody-Based Vaccines & Intracellular Pathogens

Curr Opin Immunol; ePub 2018 Apr 25; Casadevall

A paradigm shift in the way we look at antibody-mediated and cellular immune responses to pathogens has major implications for the development of vaccines, according to recent analysis.

  • In the past, it was assumed that antibodies attack toxins, viruses, and extracellular pathogens, and cellular immunity helps to keep intracellular pathogens in check.
  • Recent research has demonstrated that antibodies can also protect against intracellular pathogens.
  • This new realization has been a paradigm shift in our understanding of the immune system and has led to new discoveries about antibody mechanisms of action.
  • This new understanding can assist in the development of new vaccines against intracellular pathogens.


Casadevall A. Antibody-based vaccine strategies against intracellular pathogens. [Published online ahead of print April 25, 2018]. Curr Opin Immunol. doi:10.1016/j.coi.2018.04.011.