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Multiple Assessment Measures Can Hone RA Treatment

Key clinical point: Fewer RA patients met remission criteria based on the Disease Activity Score in 28 joints (DAS28), compared with the Clinical Disease Activity Index (CDAI).

Major finding: For patients on conventional synthetic disease-modifying antirheumatic drugs, the proportion of DAS28 nonremission for patients in CDAI remission was 19.4%, while the proportion of CDAI nonremission in patients with DAS28 remission was 11.7%.

Study details: The data come from a cross-sectional study of 1,585 patients with RA at a single center.

Disclosures: The authors did not report having a specific grant for this research. Two of the paper’s three authors disclosed relationships with multiple companies that market drugs for RA.


Takanashi S et al. Ann Rheum Dis. 2020 Jan 29. doi: 10.1136/annrheumdis-2019-216607.