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Nonculprit Lesion PCI Strategies in Patients With STEMI Without Cardiogenic Shock



In 2015, the results from the previous trials, such as PRAMI and CvPRIT, led to a focused update of US PCI guidelines.8 Recommendations for noninfarct-related artery PCI in hemodynamically stable patients presenting with acute MI were upgraded from class III to class IIb. The results from the COMPLETE trial will likely influence the future guidelines, with stronger recommendations toward complete revascularization in patients presenting with hemodynamically stable STEMI.

Applications for Clinical Practice

In patients presenting with hemodynamically stable STEMI, staged complete revascularization, including the nonculprit vessel, should be considered.

Taishi Hirai, MD, University of Missouri, Columbia, MO, and John EA Blair, MD, University of Chicago Medical Center, Chicago, IL

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