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CV Health Scores & Increased Risk of CVD and Death

J Am Heart Assoc; ePub 2018 May 17; Enserro, et al

Over the past 20 years, the decreased presence of ideal cardiovascular health (CVH) scores has resulted in increasing odds of subclinical disease and risk of cardiovascular disease (CVD) and death, a recent study found. The study included 3,460 participants (mean age 55.4 years, CVH score ranged 0-14) attending ≥1 of 4 consecutive exams of the Framingham Heart Study. Researchers created 4 groups describing changes in CVH score between examination cycles 5 and 8, using first and last exams attended and related them to subclinical CVD cross-sectionally, and incident CVD and death. They found:

  • Fewer people have ideal CVH scores over the past 20 years due to decreases in those with ideal status of body mass index (BMI), blood glucose, and serum cholesterol levels.
  • The odds of subclinical disease and risk of CVD and death were higher for all compared with the high-high group.
  • These findings emphasize the importance of maintaining ideal CVH over the life course.


Enserro DM, Vasan RS, Xanthakis V. Twenty-year trends in the American Heart Association cardiovascular health score and impact on subclinical and clinical cardiovascular disease: The Framingham Offspring Study. [Published online ahead of print May 17, 2018]. J Am Heart Assoc. doi:10.1161/JAHA.118.008741.

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