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Must Reads In Adolescent Medicine

Adolescent Medicine for September/October 2016

Added Sugars & Risk of CVD in Children, Circulation; ePub 2016 Aug 22; Vos, Kaar, et al

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Adolescent Medicine for July/August 2016

BMI in Identifying Excess Adiposity in Youth, J Pediatr; ePub 2016 Aug 2; Ryder, Kaizer, et al

Prevalence of Adolescent E-Cigarette and Tobacco Use, Pediatrics; ePub 2016 Jul 11; Barrington-Trimis, et al

Managing Adolescents at Risk for Suicide, Pediatrics; ePub 2016 Jun 27; Shain, et al

Screening for Substance Use in Adolescents, Pediatrics; ePub 2016 Jun 20; Levy, Williams, et al

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Adolescent Medicine for May/June 2016

Trends in Obesity Prevalence Among Children & Adolescents, JAMA; 2016 Jun 7; Ogden, Carroll, et al

Pediatric Exposure to E-Cigarettes, Tobacco Products, Pediatrics; ePub 2016 May 9; Kamboj, Spiller, et al

Treatment of Children with Mild Gastroenteritis, JAMA; 2016 May 10; Freedman, Willan, et al

Duration of H2RA/PPI Use Among Hospitalized Infants, J Pediatr; ePub 2016 Apr 27; Slaughter, Stenger, et al

Brief Resolved Unexplained Events in Infants, Pediatrics; ePub 2016 Apr 25; Tieder, Bonkowsky, et al

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Adolescent Medicine for March/April 2016

Global Antibiotic Resistance in Pediatric UTIs, BMJ; ePub 2016 Mar 15; Bryce, Hay, et al

Assessing Adherence to Asthma Guidelines, Mayo Clin Proc; ePub 2016 Mar 1; Yawn, Rank, et al

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Adolescent Medicine for January/February 2016

Pediatric Uncomplicated Acute Appendicitis, Nonoperative vs surgical management

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