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How Common is Accelerated Knee OA in Women?

Key clinical point: More than one in seven women who developed new-onset knee OA had an accelerated form of the disease.

Major finding: The risk of total knee replacement during follow-up was more than 10-fold greater in women with accelerated knee OA than in those with typical OA.

Study details: The Chingford Cohort Study included 1,003 middle-aged women prospectively followed for 15 years.

Disclosures: The presenter reported having no financial conflicts regarding his analysis of the Chingford Cohort Study and the Osteoarthritis Initiative, supported by Arthritis Research UK and the National Institutes of Health, respectively.


Driban JB et al. Osteoarthritis Cartilage. 2019 Apr;27[suppl 1]:S250-S251, Abstract 352.