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Women with PCOS have greater risk of postpartum depression, preeclampsia, eclampsia

Key clinical point: Women with polycystic ovary syndrome have a higher risk of developing depression, preeclampsia, and eclampsia in the postpartum period.

Major finding: Women with PCOS were more likely to experience postpartum thrombotic disease, hypertensive heart disease, eclampsia, heart failure, preeclampsia, and peripartum in the postpartum period, as well as perinatal and postpartum depression, compared with women without PCOS.

Study details: A retrospective cohort study of 42,391 women with PCOS and 795,480 women without PCOS of reproductive age in the Optum database during 2000-2016.

Disclosures: This study was funded by a grant from the National Institutes of Health. Dr. Dokras reported being a consultant for Medtronic, AbbVie, and Ferring.


Dokras A et al. ASRM 2019. Abstract O-93.