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Small study suggests natural HCV clearance is caused by AR3-antibody response

Key clinical point: A strong B-cell response producing cross-genotype and neutralizing antibodies, especially targeting AR3, contributes to hepatitis C virus clearance and long-term immune protection.

Major finding: A high frequency of cross-genotype antibodies was associated with spontaneous clearance of one or multiple HCV infections (P = .03).

Study details: Analysis of the B-cell repertoire of 13 injecting-drug users from the Amsterdam Cohort Study, with follow-up of a median 17.5 years after primary infection.

Disclosures: This study was supported by the Virgo consortium, funded by the Dutch government. Sabrina Merat and several coauthors are employees of AIMM Therapeutics, as well as shareholders.


Merat SJ et al. J Hepatol. 2019;71:14-24.