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Tailoring the Mediterranean diet for NAFLD

Key clinical point: A tailored approach to the Mediterranean diet produced weight loss and improved lipid profiles in patients with nonalcoholic fatty liver disease.

Major finding: In all, 79% of patients lost weight (mean, 2.4 kg; P = .001 versus baseline), and 72% significantly increased their serum level of HDL cholesterol.

Study details: 12-week, single-arm trial.

Disclosures: Funders included the North East of England hub of the Allied Health Professions Research Network, the Elucidating Pathways of Steatohepatitis consortium, the Horizon 2020 Framework Program of the European Union, and the Newcastle NIHR Biomedical Research Centre. The researchers reported having no conflicts of interest.


Haigh L et al. Clin Gastroenterol Hepatol. 2018 Oct 31. doi: 10.1016/j.cgh.2018.10.044.