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SUSTAIN 10: Glycemic control, weight loss better with semaglutide than liraglutide

Key clinical point: Semaglutide was associated with better glycemic control and more weight loss, compared with liraglutide.

Major finding: There was a greater reduction in HbA1c, from baseline to 30 weeks, with semaglutide, compared with liraglutide (1.7% vs. 1.0%, respectively; estimated treatment difference –0.69 percentage points; P less than .0001).

Study details: SUSTAIN 10, a multicenter, phase 3b, head-to-head, open-label trial of 577 adults with type 2 diabetes on one to three oral antidiabetic drugs randomized to once-weekly, 1.0-mg semaglutide or once-daily 1.2-mg liraglutide.

Disclosures: Novo Nordisk sponsored the study. Dr. Capehorn reported receiving research funding from, providing advisory board support to, and speaker fees from Novo Nordisk and from several other companies.


Capehorn M et al. EASD 2019, Oral Presentation 53; Capehorn M et al. Diabetes Metab. 2019 Sep 17. doi: 10.1016/j.diabet.2019.101117.