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Aldosterone-driven hypertension found with unexpected frequency

Key clinical point: Primary aldosteronism occurred with an unexpectedly high prevalence among patients with hypertension.

Major finding: Primary aldosteronism appeared in about 16% of patients with treated stage 1 hypertension, and about 22% of patients with treated stage 2 or treatment-resistant hypertension.

Study details: A retrospective review of data from 1,015 subjects enrolled in any of five independent studies run at four different U.S. locations.

Disclosures: The senior author has been a consultant to Catalys Pacific, Corcept Therapeutics, HRA Pharma, Orphagen, and Selenity Therapeutics. None of the other report coauthors had commercial disclosures.


Brown JM et al. Ann Int Med. 2020. doi: 10.7326/M20-0065.