FDA authorizes customizable automated glycemic controller


The Food and Drug Administration has authorized marketing of the Tandem Diabetes Care Control-IQ Technology, an interoperable automated glycemic controller, for use in a customizable glucose control system, according to a release from the agency.

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The move also paves the way for the review and authorization of similar devices in the future.

The Control-IQ Technology controller coordinates with an alternate controller-enabled insulin pump and an integrated continuous glucose monitor, which can be made by other manufacturers as long they are compatible with this modular technology.

The agency reviewed data from a clinical study of 168 patients with type 1 diabetes who were randomized to use either the Control-IQ Technology controller installed on a Tandem t:slim X2 insulin pump, or a continuous glucose monitor and insulin pump without the Control-IQ controller. The findings showed that, with limited user intervention outside of mealtimes, the controller coordinated the components of such systems to determine and command safe and effective insulin delivery.

However, the agency noted that, although the system has been assessed for reliability, delays in insulin delivery remain possible and care should be taken when using it.

This authorization comes along with establishment of criteria and regulatory requirements that create a new regulatory classification for this type of device, whereby future devices of the same type and with the same purpose can go through the FDA’s 510(k) premarket process. Such a process would mean that, going forward, similar devices can “obtain marketing authorization by demonstrating substantial equivalence to a predicate device.”

More information can be found in the full release, available on the FDA website.

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