Support for medical marijuana transcends political affiliation


There is not much common ground between Republicans and Democrats these days, but both sides strongly supported the use of medical marijuana in a recent survey by the American Society of Clinical Oncology.

Survey: Support for medical marijuana crosses party lines

Overall support of medical marijuana among all 4,001 respondents was higher (84%) for use among cancer patients, but 76% also supported its use for any medical reason, according to data from the survey conducted for ASCO by the Harris Poll.

The differences in support between Republicans and Democrats were significant, but both parties were over 80% for marijuana use by cancer patients and over 70% for use for any medical reason. In both cases, the independents in between mirrored the overall population, with support at 84% and 76%, respectively, ASCO said.

Support for medical marijuana also was consistent based on the respondents’ cancer experience. For use by cancer patients, those who were current or previous patients were at 84%, caregivers (those providing unpaid care to an immediate family member or loved one with cancer) and other family members/loved ones were both at 87%, and those with no cancer experiences were at 82%, the survey results showed.

Use of marijuana for any medical reason was supported by 72% of current/previous patients, 79% of family members and loved ones, 80% of caregivers, and 74% of those with no cancer experience, ASCO reported.

In a question asked only of current or previous patients, 62% said that they are/were open to use of marijuana to alleviate cancer-related pain, nausea, or other symptoms, and 60% said that they wished they had more information about the benefits of medical marijuana use, according to the results of the survey, which was conducted online from July 9 to Aug. 10, 2019.

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