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Must Reads In FDA Actions

FDA Actions for January/February 2018

FDA Approves Firvanq for C.diff-associated Diarrhea, CutisPharma news release; 2018 Jan 29

FDA Expands Indication for Influenza Vaccine, GSK news release; 2018 Jan 11

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FDA Actions for November/December 2017

FDA Approves Isentress for Tx of HIV in Newborns, Merck news release; 2017 Nov 29

FDA Approves First 2-Drug Regimen for HIV, FDA news release; 2017 Nov 21

FDA Approves Two-Dose Hep B Vaccine , Dynavax news release; 2017 Nov 9

Shingrix Approved for Prevention of Shingles, GSK news release; 2017 Oct 23

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FDA Actions for September/October 2017

FDA Approves Zika Virus Screening Test , FDA news release; 2017 Oct 5

Solosec Approved for Bacterial Vaginosis, Symbiomix Therapeutics news release; 2017 Sep 18

New Approval for Treatment of Chagas Disease, FDA news release; 2017 Aug 29

FDA Approves New Antibacterial Drug, FDA news release; 2017 Aug 29

Kedrab Approved for Rabies Treatment, Kedrion news release; 2017 Aug 25

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FDA Actions for July/August 2017

FDA Approves Mavyret for All HCV Genotypes, FDA news release; 2017 Aug 3

FDA Approves Updated Labeling for Epclusa, Gilead Sciences news release; 2017 Aug 1

FDA Approves Vosevi for Adults with HCV, FDA news release; 2017 July 18

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FDA Actions for May/June 2017

FDA Approves Baxdela for Bacterial Skin Infections, Melinta Therapeutics news release; 2017 Jun 19

FDA Approves Isentress HD for HIV-1 Infection, Merck news release; 2017 May 30

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