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Updated CLL guidelines

Hallek M et al. Blood

Major changes or additions to new guidelines for chronic lymphocytic leukemia include the following:

Molecular genetics: Recognition of the clinical importance of specific genomic alterations/mutations 17p deletion and mutations in TP53 on therapeutic response.

IGHV mutational status: Immunoglobulin variable heavy chain (IGHV) genes offer important prognostic information.

Biomarkers: Soluble CD23, thymidine kinase, and beta-2-microglobulin need to be standardized and used in prospective clinical trials.

MRD: Minimal residual disease should be assessed in clinical trials aimed at maximizing remission depth.

Antiviral prophylaxis: Patients should be tested for HBV serological status before starting on an anti-CD20 agent.

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Hallek M et al. Blood

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Updated CLL guidelines, Hallek M et al. Blood

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