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Mortality after transplant for hemoglobinopathies

Broglie L et al. BMT Tandem Meeting, Abstract 16.

Key clinical point: HCT-CI scores of 3+ may predict mortality after transplant for nonmalignant disease.

Major finding: Hazard ratios for poor survival were 1.33 for scores of 3-4 and 2.31 for scores of 5 or greater, compared with 1.0 and 1.127 for scores of 0 or 1-2, respectively.

Study details: A review of 4,083 patients from the CIBMTR database.

Disclosures: Dr. Broglie reported having no financial disclosures.

Source: Broglie L et al. BMT Tandem Meeting, Abstract 16.

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Broglie L et al. BMT Tandem Meeting, Abstract 16.

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