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Cyclophosphamide offers superior GVHD prophylaxis

Bolaños-Meade J et al. 2018 BMT Tandem Meetings, Abstract LB1.

Key clinical point: A cyclophosphamide-containing posttransplant regimen bested controls for reducing graft versus host disease rates.

Major finding: The hazard ratio for GVHD-free and relapse-free survival was 0.72 for those receiving cyclophosphamide, compared with controls (P = .04).

Study details: Randomized, controlled trial of 497 patients receiving one of three intervention arm posttransplant regimens for GVHD prophylaxis, or a control regimen of tacrolimus and methotrexate.

Disclosures: Dr. Bolaños-Meade reported serving on the data safety monitoring board of Incyte.

Source: Bolaños-Meade J et al. 2018 BMT Tandem Meetings, Abstract LB1.

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Bolaños-Meade J et al. 2018 BMT Tandem Meetings, Abstract LB1.

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