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FDA Approves Rebinyn to Treat Hemophilia B

Novo Nordisk news release; 2018 Feb 8

The FDA has approved Rebinyn for the treatment of hemophilia B.

Indications: Rebinyn, Coagulation Factor IX (Recombinant), GlycoPEGylated, is a recombinant DNA-derived coagulation Factor IX concentrate indicated for use in adults and children with hemophilia B for:

  • On-demand treatment and control of bleeding episodes.
  • Perioperative management of bleeding.

Dosage and administration: 40 IU/kg body weight for minor and moderate bleeds/minor surgery, and 80 IU/kg body weight for major bleeds/major surgery.

Efficacy and safety: In phase 3 studies, a single dose of 40 IU/kg in adults elevated factor activity above baseline levels by 94% and sustained average factor levels of 17% 7 days post-dose. Adults also achieved an 83-hour average half-life after receiving a single infusion.

Side effects/risks: The most common adverse reactions are itching and injection site reactions.


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