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Cardiovascular risks in hemophilia A

Humphries TJ et al. Adv Med Sci. 2018;63(2):329-33

Key clinical point: Concerns may be unfounded about risks of earlier-onset cardiovascular disease in men with hemophilia A.

Major finding: Prevalence rates of diabetes (P = .0108) and hyperlipidemia (P = .0001) were higher in the control group, compared with patients with hemophilia A.

Study details: A retrospective chart review involving 74 men with hemophilia A and 222 men without the condition, matched by study year, payer type, race, and age.

Disclosures: The study was funded by Bayer. Three authors were employed by Bayer when the study was conducted. Other authors reported employment by Xcenda and the Henry Ford Health System and research funding from Xcenda.

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Humphries TJ et al. Adv Med Sci. 2018;63(2):329-33.

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