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RCCs more than 50% cystic have good prognosis

Kashan M et al. The Journal of Urology 1 March 2018

Key clinical point: Patients with unifocal cystic renal cell carcinoma evaluated using a standardized radiologic threshold of more than 50% cystic on imaging have an excellent prognosis on both active surveillance and following surgical resection.

Major finding: Among 38 patients on active surveillance, growth rate was found to be 1.0 mm/year overall and 2.3 mm/year for the solid component. After a median follow-up of over 4 years, there was no evidence of recurrence or metastasis from cystic renal cell carcinoma.

Study details: Of the 138 cases of cystic renal cell carcinoma identified, 102 (73.9%) were renal cell carcinoma and 36 (26.1%) benign masses. Most tumors were Fuhrman grade 1-2 (77.5%), less than or equal to pT2 stage (83.4%) with clear cell histology (65.9%).

Disclosures: The authors had no relevant financial disclosures.

Source: Kashan M et al. The Journal of Urology 1 March 2018


Kashan M et al. The Journal of Urology 1 March 2018

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